Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What we can do for our country sitting at home

Corruption, Unemployment, Pollution, ..........
We are dealing with so many problems all around. We can not do anything to solve these problems because we think we are alone and helpless. We are helpless because we don’t know what to do. Now question is what we can do even if we are alone, we have no political or administrative power. My blog is to answer this question.
Question: How we can serve and improve the society and nation?
Answer is simple: Biggest service to the world is Self Improvement
India is facing below TWO root problems which are mother of all other problems.
If we can Control below two problems, most of other problems will get solved.
1. Corruption
2. Illiteracy (Uneducated People)

1.      Population control: Control your family. NSV is the permanent, cheapest, safest and best way for it. Also inspire and educate your friends, other family members, relatives and neighbors and colleague to adopt NSV after one or two kids maximum. More information on
2.      Education for all: Find out any one near you who is illiterate. Encourage and   teach them how to read and write.
3.      Eye donation: Fill the form for eye donation. After death there will be no use of those precious eyes for you. So donate them to needy persons after your death. Also encourage others to do so. Also we can call 1919 to eye bank helpline for details.
4.      Tree plantation: Plant trees near your house or the park or vacant space near your house or any such place and regularly water them and take care of them.
5.      Moral education: Provide your kids all good morel education; Make them civilized and responsible citizen. Teach them to obey rules and respect elders. Like (to obey queue, traffic rules, give seat to old people while traveling, …….. )
6.      Avoid wastage of water, electricity, resources, time, FOOD: All kind of wastage in your house and office like electricity and water wastage should be stopped. Respect the food and don’t waste it. Change all leaking water taps.
7.      Anti corruption: Don’t support corruption. Report against them to anti corruption beuro . for example  -
A)  State Vigilance Bureau, Haryana toll free number is 1800-180-2022.    More information on   
B)  Report any electricity theft.  for example  (for Haryana Toll Free number   is  1800-180-1011)
8.      Use no polythene: while going for shopping take an empty bag with you. Ask the shopkeeper not to give polythene bag unnecessarily.
9.      No smoking, No drinking, No gambling: Don’t smoke especially in public. Also don’t get indulge in bad habits of drinking and gambling and drugs.
10.  Protest terrorism: Be alert for any suspicious person in your area, report about any abandoned bags, toys etc near any public place.  All India Toll Free Anti Terrorist Help-line is 1090.
11.  Donate only at useful places: in schools, hospitals, orphanage homes, old age homes instead of spending in KAAJ (party after ones death), birthday, marriage, Crackers on Diwali.
12.  Show courage: To protest who break the rules like traffic rules, queue, littering, damaging public property
13.  Spread TB (Dots), Pulse polio immunization awareness: Give the polio drops to every child in your home and area. Use the free TB (Dots) facility if some one is suffering from TB near you. Educate people about these free services from government.
14.  Spread Global Warming awareness, causes and effect: Example- avoid pollution of water, land, noise and air.
15.  Disaster management: Get trained yourself and family members to protect from emergency situation like earthquake, fire, rampage or any bomb blast.
16.  First AID: Get the First Aid training to help anyone in emergency situation.
17.  Yoga: Practice yoga daily and keep yourself healthy and fit. Keeping yourself healthy is like serving country
18.  Blood donation: Donate one unit of blood after every three month if doctor allows.
19.  Cleanness: Keep your house and surroundings clean.
20.  Consumer awareness: Be aware of consumer rights and spread consumer awareness. More information on  जागो ग्राहक जागो
21.  Public Property: Do not misuse or destroy public property in any case. It is our own property.
22.  Right to vote: This is very strong tool for a common man. Give your vote to the most honest, educated, bold representative who works for public welfare.
23.  Right to Information: Use the powerful tool of Right to Information ( RTI) to ask questions from government. More information on
 Also inspire your friends, other family members, relatives and neighbors and collogue about the above things. Educating other people about the same is equally important
 Your suggestions and comments are invited.
 Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.
 - Jerry Garcia
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