Sunday, December 10, 2023

List of ExMuslim Youtube Channels - Support them in exposing dark side of Islam

1. ExMuslim Shahil Official. (INDIAN)
2. Adam Seeker Urdu (PAKISTANI)
3. Ex-Muslim Zafar Heretic (INDIAN)
4. Faiz Alam - The Humanist Murtad (INDIAN)
5. Ex Muslim Sameer Live (INDIAN)
6. Ex-Muslims Sachwala (INDIAN)
7. Harris Sultan (PAKISTANI)
8. Ex-Muslim Bharat (INDIAN)
9. Ex Muslim Angel (INDIAN)
10. Mr Deshi (PAKISTANI)
11. Rabbani Ex-Muslim (INDIAN)
12. Ex-Muslim Tahmin (BANGLADESH)
13. Ex Muslim Yasmin Khan (INDIAN)
14. Ali Shah Ex-Muslim (PAKISTANI)
15. Ex muslim Adaa (INDIAN)
16. Ex Muslim Amina Sardar (PAKISTANI)
17. Ex-Muslim Babaki (INDIAN)
18. ExMuslim Allamah Justice (BANGLADESH)
19. Apostate Imam - The 12th Imam who left Islam (INDIAN)
20. Ghalib Kamal (PAKISTANI)
21. Apostate Prophet (AMERICAN)
22. ExMuslim Abdul Hamid (INDIAN)
23. Ex-Muslim Darashikoh (INDIAN)
24. Holy Humanist | Nuriyah Khan (PAKISTANI)
25. Iman Wala Kafir (INDIAN)
26. Free Thinker (INDIAN)
27. Ex-Muslim Dr Ayesha (INDIAN)
28. Exmuslima Hafisa (INDIAN)
29. Proud Emu (Kerala) Dr.Arif  Hussain (kerala)
30. Nabi Asli channel -- in English
31. Ex muslim Yasmin Khan
32. Apostate Aladdin

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